By the Time you read this, we will already be on the air. But not only are we on the air, we have added the following updates:



While we were putting all of this together, we have come up with a short list of at least 5 ways to listen. The MAIN way to do so is by clicking on the Giant TV Logo on the “Listen Live” Page, followed by clicking on the Play Button. There are also a few links to some streaming directories, but all in all, we should be coming in Loud & Clear no matter where you listen.

NOTE: Because we are streaming through Dutch company Radionomy (at least for now), they tend to be a little “Quirky” when it comes to how to play music. In other words, some players won’t play it. If that’s the case, just do this…


…and you’ll be all set.



We cannot stress enough that this channel (and by extension, this Website) looks to cost us a LOT of Money in the long run. So we need your help in any way that you can. “TV Tracks” is a Listener Supported Page, and the more we’re supported, the better we’ll sound (who knows, with enough money, we can move from Radionomy to a REAL streamer, and then the fun will truly begin.). Take a moment or two to click on the Giant Patreon Logo on our Donate Page (or just go to the Patreon Page itself), throw a couple of coins our way, get Thanked for doing so, and help make this budding dream a reality.



Get in Contact with Us both on our CONTACT page, our FACEBOOK page, Or our TWITTER Feed! We want you to let us know how we’re doing and what we can do to make this a better station for everybody. No feedback will be rejected (though, please keep it clean). We also hope to add Instagram at some point. All of our Social Media Stuff will be on the Menu Tab.


Other than that; in the words of several Trump officials in the past week, “We’ve got the Skeleton, now we need to put the Muscles on it.” Help Us Be Our Muscle, LISTEN LIVE, DONATE, SOCIALIZE, and Above All Else, SPREAD THE WORD! I want this to be a truly unique experience for everybody–Yes, this is gonna start out a little rough, but if you stick with us, I promise you the Best Show On Television (without it actually being On Television). Now let’s go out there and have some fun!


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