State of the Stream – November 2017

Well, we’ve been at this now for about 2 months, so I think now would be a good time to give you a Status Report. Short Version, we COULD do a little better on all sides, but due to certain limitations, we can only do so much.


THE STREAM: For those who don’t know, we use Netherlands based streaming service Radionomy to broadcast our stream. This is a choice that we seem to have no choice in at this time, partly because of economical reasons. Radionomy allows its users to stream worldwide* without having to pay a dime in music licensing or streaming fees (A Plus for Any fledgling streamer). Unfortunately, the flipside of that is something called “Geoblocking”. Loosely put, although we can technically be heard all around the world; for whatever reason, we can only be heard in small parts of it—thankfully including the United States, so at least it’s not too grim. Also unfortunate, because of said Geoblocking, this also limits the number of different ways you can listen. One of the frequent complaints I’ve been getting is that whenever somebody clicks on out links, they are greeted with a 10 second message that says “Listen to this Channel on Radionomy or the Radionomy App”…which, while I get it, is a great hinderance to those who wish to hear TV Tracks elsewhere. Thankfully, there are alternatives. When you click on any of our “Outside” links, chances are you will see a box like This pop up…


All you need is the latest iTunes/Apple player to listen, make sure the stream is set to iTunes, and you’ll be all set. Otherwise, you can also listen to us on Radionomy itself (Search: TV Tracks), or click here at or some of the other links we have at the bottom of this post. We STRONGLY encourage you to listen to us (Or, just turn us on and leave it on with the volume down); not just because we want to let you know we exist, but…if I’m being completely honest…our survival depends on it…



THE RATINGS: Unlike other streaming services where you have to pay monthly to stay on the air, Radionomy’s Free Services are ENTIRELY Ratings based. In other words, if we don’t reach a certain listenership within a 3-month period, we will then be taken off the air. For our first 3 months on the air (of which we have already been through 2), we need to maintain an average of 30 listening hours per day. As of Press time, that number is only at 21. This means that in order to make it to our first renewal (and all the benefits that go with it—which I’ll explain in a sec), we need more of you to listen to us—plain and simple. Or, if you don’t have that kind of time, just turn on the stream, and keep it running non-stop while you exit the room you’re playing it in. Little things like that help a lot. If we can get to our 30 hour target by December 3rd, we will not only be renewed for the next 6 months (Which will help us buy some time until we can get to a REAL Streaming Server), but we will be able to add more Music…


MUSIC: As of right now, we are currently limited to playing 1000 “Sound elements” on our channel; That includes Music, (Non) Advertising, Sweepers, Jingles, all the things that make a radio station sound the way it does. If we get renewed, that number will jump to 3000—which is good because the renewal is scheduled to happen in December, that’s gonna mean some Holiday TV Tracks—and who doesn’t Love the Holidays? That, and I want to start adding more “Current” TV Theme songs—mostly from recent Emmy Winning shows, but also some of the new shows that have premiered this season. Like I said, there is a lot of room to grow, but We CANNOT do any Growing without your help—and Help is a Two-way street around here:



SUPORT/PATREON: Right now, the easiest thing to do to help us out is just to listen to us at the links above (and below). The more listeners we have, the longer we can keep using Radionomy for free until we are able to afford a REAL Streaming service AND the Music Licensing that comes with it. On Average, this will likely run somewhere between $50-100 a month if we choose to go that route in the future…which brings me to Patreon.


For those who don’t know, Patreon is sort of like “Kickstarter” in that it helps eager creators fund their dreams—The difference between Patreon and all the other crowdfunders is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to help—all you need is $1 a Month, no lump sums, and you’ve done your part. Not unlike the others, though, Patreon does offer patrons various perks for helping out the creators. Now while the perks I have are sort of minimalist at best, it is the best I can do on a virtually non-existent budget, so please bear with me. If TV Tracks ever becomes profitable/popular, I want to do incredible things with it…including contests/giveaways. But you can’t have one without the other; So, if you can, Be kind and throw a couple coins our way OR just keep listening to TV Tracks so that I don’t have to keep pandering like this.



SUMMARY: All in all, we’re off to a start…Not a Good one or a Bad one, but at least it’s a start. Nobody ever said this was going to be perfect, but then again, what start-up is? All we ask of you is that you LISTEN to us by any means necessary (Geoblocking be damned). If you like what you hear, keep listening to us, even when you’re away from your devices just leave us on. And if you Truly like what you hear and want to help us get to the next step in what I hope will be something amazing, stop by our Patreon page and do what you gotta do. To recap, here’s the BEST Places where you can listen to us… (Set to iTunes) (set to iTunes)





Hopefully by next month…there will BE a Next Month.


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