Let’s begin with the Good News, we have reached our basic listening goal—which according to Radionomy is actually 12hrs/avg a month. For whatever reason, I thought the number was 30hrs/avg in order to expand, but 12 just to stay on the air…all I can say is “Oops, but the GOOD kind of Oops”; we were really sweating things out over the weekend, but we can now breathe a 6-month sigh of relief. Now, the REAL challenge lies ahead. In the Next 6th Months, our audience has to be even BIGGER than it is now. According to Radionomy, in order to stay on, we must Now Achieve an average of 130hrs/avg by the Beginning of June 2018—which may seem like a daunting task; but now that we’ve been given permission to expand ourself, this means the following:


*More Music (Obviously), we’ve been given permission to now play up to 3000 total tracks; this means more room for our regular segments like “One Season Wonders” and “TV Turkeys”; but thanks to this, we also hope to add NEW features to our playlist by the new year—I especially want to focus on Emmy Nominated/Winning songs written for Television in a feature I call “Emmytracks”, so look out for that.


*I’m hoping we can start putting together actual Shows & Specials—even more so, I hope we get to do so in a way that doesn’t blow up in our faces. I Especially want to start doing hour-long Tribute shows honoring the memories of Television Icons who are no longer with us…There are at least 2 of them that I hope to cover in the Winter, and we’ll have more details about that once we get our act together.


*I’m Also hoping to have the wherewithal to put on either a weekly or bi-weekly “Countdown” show of some kind…but Not the kind You’re thinking of where we count down from a music chart. More details on that (again) once we figure a few other things out.


*But the one thing that I want to do Right now, is happening as we speak…since we’re allowed to expand, this means that we can now add HOLIDAY TV TRACKS. We are currently adding Holiday TV Music from shows like Bob’s Burgers, Rugrats, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and (of course) Charlie Brown, with hopefully more to come. Starting 12/6/2017, these songs will be heard on TV Tracks through New Year’s Day.



Like I said, I’m glad this extension is taking place, but since we only have 6 months to make it to 130hrs/avg, we REALLY need your help now. So if you can just take a few minutes to spread the word a little, you’d be doing all of us a favor. All the places you can listen to us are the same (for now), and we hope to get even more affiliates to join in (Preferably those that don’t require an outside source to listen): (Set to iTunes to play) (Ditto) (Same deal)


And of course, SOCIALIZE with us too:



Which brings me once again to Patreon—or rather, the lack of it—Here’s the thing, as much as I appreciate Radionomy hosting our stream, it’s not something I want to get married to. We need to be able to afford a REAL streaming service, as well as the music licensing that goes along with it. I can’t do that while trying to pay my actual bills & working my day job, so that’s why I’m looking for donations via Patreon, so that we can not only sound better, but also so we can be heard on ALL corners of the world. I mentioned this briefly in Last month’s State of the stream, but a friendly reminder, Geoblocking sucks. Being able to afford a SAMcast player & Stream Licensing would help make things Suck Less. So with that, I’m urging you all to make a donation sometime during the next 6 months—because if we Do go off the air in June, at least we can use that as a war chest to stay on the air elsewhere. I don’t want to force anybody to do anything they don’t wanna, but all we’re talking about is a measly $1 a Month to help support us…especially now that you’re going to see what we can do at our full potential.



As cliché as this sounds, the battle was won but the war isn’t over. We hope in the next 6 months, you not only enjoy what you hear, but you support what it is we do. We Really want this thing to take off, but it can’t be done without your help. Like Us, Share Us, but most importantly, LISTEN to us. With your help, these next 6 months will be the most fun Anybody* has had listening to the radio (*Unless you’re Howard Stern, but he’s in a class by himself.)


Enjoy the Holiday Music!


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