As of now, we’re trying to raise money for the following expenses: 

1.       Get our Stream Licensing license and pay it monthly 

2.       Get on a Brand New streamer service that will house our music monthly 

3.       Find more TV Theme songs in High Quality via iTunes or soundtrack CDs

4.       Have enough left over for contest prizes/future equipment upgrades, and MAYBE (in the very distant future) start up a few Weekly shows with actual on-air talent.


TV TRACKS is now taking Donations through GoFundMe. We’re not asking for much, just enough to keep us on the air for (at least) 6 MONTHS. There is not time limit per se for this fund raiser, but we would like to reach at least Part of it by Winter 2019 so that we can prep for a Spring 2019 (or sooner) Re-launch. Whether it be a dollar or a dime, your contribution will be greatly appreciated; and if you do Donate we will Still immortalize you on our THANK YOU WALL. Once we get the ball Rolling, we will add some Perks/Stretch Goals to our fundraiser; but for now, this is about as basic as things will get…



We are also accepting donations via purchases at our ebay page. On it, you will find various TV Memorabilia, Press Kits, rare DVD Screeners and a few other items that I find unique. All the proceeds from our sales will go to benefit our re-launch.


Between the combined totals of Both pages, we hope to get to our GRAND TOTAL GOAL of $760 before the end of the year. The figure below is what we currently have in our War Chest…


TOTEBOARDas of 9/29/2018


That means we’re just a little over 11% on the way to our goal, and we hope it grows from there. We hope that you take a little time to donate to either of our pages, and with any luck, we will be back on the air very soon.